January 23-28 | Wynn Las Vegas

Acumatica Summit 2022

With the health and safety of Acumatica Summit attendees as our first priority, we are excited to have you join us for Acumatica Summit 2022.
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Health & Safety FAQ

How will Acumatica Summit 2022 be designed to accommodate for social distancing?

Acumatica has worked directly with Wynn’s conference team, as well as the Las Vegas Fire Department, to design an optimal floorplan to ensure all pathways, booth designs, and meeting spaces abide by all the CDC and Clark County guidelines for social distancing. In the Marketplace, located again this year in the 50,000 sq./ft. Lafite Ballroom, all aisles will be a minimum of 10ft wide and there will be clearly marked separate entrances and exits.

How will the on-site Summit check-in be handled to minimize crowds and lines?

The event app allows each attendee to check in by scanning their QR code and proceed to a location where they can pick up their lanyard and badge.

How will the rooms and seating be configured at the Summit with health and safety in mind?

Rooms will be configured to abide by Clark County guidelines for social distancing. All training rooms will be configured in a classroom setting that will accommodate for social distancing.

What air filtration/ventilation/technology does the Wynn use?

The Wynn utilizes a HEPA filtration system.  Per CDC and ASHRAE recommendations the Wynn uses a minimum of MERV 13, or higher filters, in all of its HVAC systems.  Filters are changed when the pressure differential measurements in the computerized Building Management System (BMS) indicate it is time to replace them. Additionally, the Wynn far exceeds the minimum air exchange rates published by the CDC and ASHRAE.

Will I be required to wear a mask at the Summit?

Clark County guidelines require masks to be worn indoors and Wynn Las Vegas is enforcing this policy. Masks will be supplied by Acumatica upon check-in.

How will you make the Summit Celebration party on Monday evening safe?

The Summit Celebration party will take place outdoors at the Encore XS Nightclub that has an indoor space that will be open to a large outdoor space for airflow. The indoor space utilizes a HEPA filtration system (see the FAQ above for more information on this)

Will I be required to provide a negative result COVID test in order to attend the Summit?

No, proof of a negative COVID test is not required to attend the Summit.

Do I need to be vaccinated in order to attend the Summit?

No, COVID vaccination will not be required to attend the Acumatica Summit 2022.

My country/state requires a COVID test to fly back. Will you provide onsite testing?

COVID-19 testing is not currently being provided on-site at the Wynn. If you expect you will need to receive a COVID-19 test before you depart, then please contact the Elite Medical Center in Las Vegas at +1 (702) 546-0911. This medical facility has tests available at their primary care and urgent care facilities by appointment only.

How will food and beverages be served?

General food and beverage information:

  1. Food and beverage will be prepared and served based on COVID health and safety guidelines provided by Clark County.
  2. Beverages will be in bottles.
  3. Bar Service will be provided by Wynn Service staff – according to appropriate Clark County and Wynn guidelines

How will the food be served at the Summit?

  • Food Stations – Attendees will be able to serve themselves. For health and safety, hand sanitizing stations will be available at the beginning of every food station.

We are looking forward to seeing you
at Acumatica Summit 2022.

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