Acumatica Summit 2016

February 1-5

Orlando, Florida
Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress


The Premier Annual Event for Acumatica Partners and Customers

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Dec. 5 – Feb. 1
Summit Only ( Feb1-2 ) $550
Training Only ( Feb3-5 ) $650
Both - Full Week ( Feb 1-5 ) $1,150

Join Us for a Week of Learning, Networking, and Fun!

The Acumatica Summit 2016 is the premier invitation-only event where our entire partner and customer ecosystem gathers to hear the latest about Acumatica’s products and solutions, get product certifications, and collaborate on accelerating success in the cloud. Join the excitement, envision the future, and get ready to take your Acumatica business to the next level.

New: Acumatica Customer Track

This year, marks an exciting opportunity for our customers as well. We have created a customer track in addition to the two days of keynotes and general sessions. During days 3-5, customers are able to get deep technical product training straight from the experts to maximize their investment and unleash the full power of the Acumatica platform.

Who Should Attend

Acumatica partner leadership, sales, and technical professionals as well as Acumatica customers.


  • Enjoy direct access to Acumatica’s leadership, product and engineering teams
  • Gain valuable insight into Acumatica 6.0 and future product development visions
  • Customer stories and feedback gathered via customer-centric sessions
  • Get certified through instructor-led training sessions taught by Acumatica developers
  • Maximize your investment with Acumatica by engaging in hands-on technical training tracks
  • Expand your Acumatica solution portfolio by engaging with our leading ISV providers
  • Network with hundreds of your industry peers



Click below for a detailed event agenda (Day 1-2 and Days 3-5).

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Sales: For a few deals more!

Discover how to close more deals with the content included in this Sales track. Attend these sessions to uncover the reasons why you’ve won and lost past sales opportunities, gain a broader understanding of product positioning and pricing, and learn how to effectively handle common objections.


Pricing and Negotiations - This session will cover our pricing FAQ long with tips on negotiating that has helped us win deals.

Replicating Our Wins and Learning From Our Losses - Join us as we share with you both wins and losses from this previous year and discuss what we’ve learned to win more deals in the future.

Overcoming Objections – Attend this session to learn about the most common objections from prospects and how to overcome them.

Competition Overview – This session will focus on our common competitors and how to win against them.

Customer Stories – This session will cover Acumatica Customer stories that you can use during your sales cycle. More stories will always mean more credibility – and will help you close more deals!

*will be repeated

Speaker: Sean Chatterjee

Dates: Feb 1-2 (2 Days)

Marketing: The Keystone to Selling

Marketing is ever-shifting and always evolving. Join this track to stay educated and knowledgeable about the tools and strategies that are available. In the last few years the marketing industry has seen a rise in social media, big-data analytics, mobile marketing and inbound marketing. By attending this track you will be given insight into Acumatica customer segmentation and practices, marketing strategies that generate leads, industry and compete data, social media best practices, as well as understanding and utilizing analytics to drive sales.


Acumatica Marketing Overview, Monday: 1:-1:45pm
In this session you’ll get an overview on the Acumatica 2016 marketing strategy and plans. See how Acumatica is investing to build the brand, generate net new leads and enable the partner ecosystem.
Speaker: Kathy Visser-May

Partner Marketing, Driving leads and accelerating sales, Monday, 3-3:45pm
How can you fill your funnel with well qualified leads? In this session we’ll touch on the top demand creation activities to help build your pipeline.
Speaker: Michelle Gruening

Partner Portal Guided Tour and Marketing Assets Overview, Monday, 5-5:45pm
See what’s new and different in the improved Partner portal including where to find marketing assets and content to enable your business.
Speaker: Kathy Visser-May, Doug Johnson and Ali Jani

Product Marketing: Driving Leads and Accelerating the Sales Cycle with Compete, Persona and Industry Data, Tuesday: 10:00am-10:45am
In this session we’ll discuss how to leverage compete, persona and customer data to replicate our wins by targeting prospects in key micro verticals.
Speaker: Ray Rebello

Content Marketing and Social Media: How to Create a Strategy, Make Your Business Stand Out, and Generate Leads, Tuesday, 11am-11:45am
Content marketing is a big buzzword and social media can often seem daunting. Come to this session and learn how to create a strategy that gives your business awareness and drives new leads from social media. You’ll also get key tips on utilizing Acumatica’s content for your business.
Speaker: Zach Welch, BrandGlue

Putting the pieces together: A tactical approach to marketing, Tuesday, 1pm-1:45pm
Now what? In this session you’ll see how to execute a marketing plan based on the information covered over last two days, including a deep dive into Acumatica’s 2016 campaign calendar and assets available.
Speaker: Michaela Terrenzio

Dates: Feb 1-2 (2 Days)

Acumatica Cloud ERP: Product Overview and Updates

Acumatica Cloud ERP is improving rapidly, and keeping up with the changes will insure that all the benefits of the product are utilized. Topics in the track will include: the xRP development platform, implementation Best Practices, Integration with other systems, Reporting and System tuning. Take your understanding of Acumatica Cloud ERP to the next level by attending these sessions.


Acumatica 6.0 Preview

From Data Hell to Bliss: Getting the Most Out of Your Acumatica Data
Your ERP is a treasure trove of data. Acumatica blogger and expert Tim Rodman will show you how to get the most of your data by using tools like generic inquiries, custom reports, dashboards and PowerBI.
Speaker: Tim Rodman

Customizing Acumatica for System Administrators
You don’t have to be a hardcore developer or programmer to customize Acumatica. In this session, Philippe will show multiple ways consultants can customize the Acumatica user experience, and will explain how you can easily add a new field to a page or a grid, make a field required, set default values or simply change a label on an existing page.
Speaker: Philippe Bellefeuille

Acumatica xRP Unleashed
In this two-part session, Gabriel will introduce you to the power of the Acumatica xRP platform, by building a complete solution from scratch that leverages many of the unique features of Acumatica such as the mobile framework, dynamic web services and the test automation framework. Best of all, all the content used in this session will be made available so that YOU can demonstrate the power of the platform to your customers!
Speaker: Gabriel Michaud

    • Part 1: Creating a New Acumatica Page From Scratch

    • Part 2: Testing, Integrating and Mobile-Enabling Our New Page

Acumatica Implementation Best Practices
Software implementations fail for variety of reasons, unrealistic expectations, poor requirements definition, inadequate resources, unrealistic budgets and schedules, poor project management, lack of project management methodology, and last but not least poor communication. We will discuss Project Assurance methodologies which are based on the following best practices of identifying real issues, realistic time frames and managing expectations.
Speaker: Todd Kuhns

Contract-Based Web-Services API Deep Dive
The next generation web services API is now ready to rock! This talk will walk you through the benefits of this new API, show you how it compares with the existing screen API, and dive into examples of how you can leverage it today in your solutions.
Speaker: Gabriel Michaud

Performance Monitoring, Tuning, and Troubleshooting Techniques
Troubleshooting ERP software is more than just performing an assessment – it’s implementing a realistic action plan and making it work for all stakeholders involved. Performance trouble-shooting can be an iterated process in some complex situations. The speed of trouble-shooting performance issues depends on your experience/knowledge of Acumatica architecture, application, database, network and application customizations. We will discuss best practices of gather information, verify performance issues and identifying a solution.
Speaker: Ali Jana, Dhiren Chhapgar and Ruslan Devyatko

Exchange Integration Strategy and Implementation
In this session learn how Acumatica synchronizes data with Outlook using an Office 365 account or an Exchange Server. After configuring a connection to an Office 365 account, we demonstrate how email, contacts, events, and tasks are automatically synchronized with Outlook. The demonstration will include bi-directional sync as well as how mobile devices can extend the Acumatica and Outlook experience to the field.
Speaker: Doug Johnson

Acumatica Mobile Framework
Speaker: Ruslan Devyatko

Dates: Feb 1-2 (2 Days)

Customer Track

Join Acumatica staff and customers to hear firsthand their success stories with Acumatica. And afterward, participate in Q&A forum with others in your industry to suggest ways to improve the product and share lessons learned in your implementation process.


Customer Roundtable: Cross Industry – Accounting, Reporting
The Acumatica Financial Applications and reporting will be the foundation of the discussion. It will expand to include all the Service Industries with topics on Project Accounting, Non –profit, Power BI , other reporting tools, etc.
Speaker: Ray Rebello

Customer Roundtable: Distribution – Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, EDI, Warehousing & Shipping
After the Financial Suite, the Distribution Suite is second in popularity. This session’s discussion focused on the Acumatica Distribution solutions plus third party extension including: WMS, Shipping, EDI, Inventory Planning., etc.
Speaker: Ray Rebello

Customer Roundtable: Manufacturing – BOM/Routings, Production Scheduling, MRP, Barcoding
This Session’s discussion will be on the Acumatica Manufacturing solution using JAMS Solution for Acumatica. John Schlemmer from JAAS will be the co-host. In addition to JAMS, the discussion will also include other third party extensions including Barcoding.
Speaker: Ray Rebello

Customer Roundtable: Retail & eCommerce – POS, Warehousing, eCommerce, Shipping
Mike Gill, from FUSION, will co-host the session’s discussion on the Retail and eCommerce solutions. This group discussion will also be of interest to many Distributors and Manufacturers. The key third party extension that will be discussed include: FUSION POS and WMS, Magento eCommerce, shipping, etc.
Speaker: Mike Gill

Customer Roundtable: Services – Project Accounting, Services Routing, Non-profit Services
Speaker: Ray Rebello

Attend select product track sessions

Financials Intermediate

What’s Covered: This training course takes the next step after the F100 Financials: Basic course. You will learn advanced configuration and use of the financial modules of Acumatica ERP and data migration, including how to:

Configure branches and subaccounts for use in the financial modules

Import data into the system (i.e., importing trial balances, vendor and customer accounts, and open documents)

Prepare budgets, perform bank reconciliation, maintain vendors and customers price lists, and configure and process automatic credit card payments.

Completion of the course grants you access to the F200 Financials Intermediate Online Certification Exam—a component of the Business Consultant Badge.*

Who Should Attend: Business consultants who implement the main financial modules of Acumatica for new customers

*(Please Note: Examination time not included in training session time.)

Prerequisite Online Courses: F100 Financials: Basic

Speaker: Anand Panchamia

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Financials Advanced – Payroll

What’s Covered: This course will teach you how to setup all the feature in payroll, as well as how to segregate your payroll so that you can slice and dice the transactions any way you want into the GL. Learn how to configure tax codes, location codes, deductions, benefits, employee classes, pay groups and job codes.
Process payroll transactions, manual adjustments, handle last minute edits post payroll calculation, create direct deposits and void a payroll check. Also review all of the reports and how to get the data out of the system. If that wasn’t enough, how to track new ACA requirements.

Who Should Attend: Business consultants with experience in the main financial modules of Acumatica who have plans to implement the Fixed Assets, Payroll module of Acumatica for customers.

Prerequisite Online Courses:

F100 Financials: Basic

F200 Financials: Intermediate

Speaker: Patricia Bennett

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Financials Advanced – Fixed Assets, Contracts

What’s Covered: This course outlines how to configure the Fixed Assets module and use the module to perform operations with fixed assets, such as making acquisitions, performing additions and deductions, transferring assets between departments, and splitting/disposing fixed assets.

In phase one of the course, you will learn how to configure the depreciation methods for fixed assets and how to process depreciation transactions. Hands-on exercises will also outline the typical procedures performed during the closure of a financial period in the module and how to migrate fixed asset data into Acumatica.

In phase two, you’ll explore contract setup and billing in the system and learn how to create different types of contracts, such as subscription, services, and retainer contracts. You will also discover how to make amendments to active contracts and become familiar with the main aspects of contract data migration to Acumatica.

Who Should Attend: Business consultants with experience in the main financial modules of Acumatica who have plans to implement the Fixed Assets and Contracts modules of Acumatica for customers

Prerequisite Online Courses:

F100 Financials: Basic

F200 Financials: Intermediate

Speaker: Annita Ruggier

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Writing Reports and Integration Scenarios

What’s Covered: This course provides an overview of generic inquiries that provide the easiest way to query data from the system. In the first phase, you’ll receive a comprehensive overview of generic inquiries that provide the easiest way to query data from the system. Then, you’ll learn how to configure an inquiry as an entry point to an Acumatica screen and how to configure the access to the queried data via OData in Excel.

In phase two, you‘ll utilize the Acumatica Report Designer tool to create reports from scratch, configure subreports, insert images, use alternative colors, and present the reports in tabular format. Then, you’ll explore the dashboard functionality, which can be modified per user role.

In the final phase of the course, you’ll walk through integration scenarios that you can use to import or export data between Acumatica and an external resource (i.e. an Excel file).

Who Should Attend: Technical specialists and consultants who design reports and inquiries, configure dashboards in Acumatica for customers, and compose import/export scenarios for data migration or synchronization of data between Acumatica and external resources.

Prerequisite Online Courses: None

Speaker: Nayan Mansinha, Technical Account Manager, Acumatica

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Distribution Basics

What’s Covered: This course provides the basics of how to process inventory transactions. In the first phase, you will explore the Inventory module and its integration with General Ledger. Specifically, you will learn how to:

Configure the inventory account, posting classes, item classes, and units of measure for inventory items in the system

Review the cost of inventory and to analyze item availability in inventory

Utilize the physical inventory process in the system

Leverage typical procedures performed during the closure of a financial period in the module.

In the second phase, you’ll explore the basics of purchase order processing, including how to configure the Purchase Order module, process purchase orders of Normal type, process partial purchase receipts, purchase returns, and purchase orders that include non-stock items. You will also discover how to review the purchasing documents and verify the transactions that occur during purchase order processing.

In the final phase of the course, you’ll explore sales order processing. You will uncover the steps to configuring the Sales Orders module and process sales orders of the predefined SO type. Then, you’ll learn how to process shipments, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) returns from a customer, and sales orders that include non-stock items. Finally, you’ll find out how to review the sales documents and verify the transactions that occur during sales order processing.

Who Should Attend: Business consultants who work with new customers to implement the Inventory, Purchase Orders, and Sales Orders modules included in the Distribution suite of Acumatica.

Prerequisite Online Courses: F100 Financials: Basic online courses

Speaker: Tim Rodman, ERP Solutions Consultant, Acumatica

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Framework Fundamentals

What’s Covered: This course demonstrates the key components of Acumatica Framework and how to leverage the solution to perform typical tasks of application development. You’ll walk through the event model and explore the programming concepts and design principles of Acumatica Framework-based applications.

Completion of the course grants you access to the T200 Acumatica Framework Fundamentals Online Certification Exam—a component of the Developer Badge.*

Who Should Attend: Application developers who build business applications based on Acumatica Framework.

*(Please Note: Examination time not included in training session time.)

Prerequisite Online Courses: T100 Introduction to Acumatica Framework

Speaker: Dhiren Chhapgar, Senior Applications Developer, Acumatica

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Customization Platform

What’s Covered: This course introduces you to Acumatica Customization Platform and customization tools. During the course, you’ll follow the steps to develop a sample customization project—starting from business requirements and finishing with the deployment of customization to the target system. During implementation, you’ll discuss the customization design principles and technical approaches. And in the end, you’ll learn how to:

Develop, debug, test, and deploy customizations

Build custom screens and extension libraries

Work with customization code in Visual Studio.

Who Should Attend: Application developers who build customizations for Acumatica.

Prerequisite Online Courses:

T100 Introduction to Acumatica Framework

T200 Acumatica Framework Fundamentals

Speaker: Ruslan Devyatko

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Project Accounting

What’s Covered: This course will equip you to maintain employees and record employee-related transactions in the system. You will learn the capabilities and features of employee-management functionality, the creation and maintenance of employee records, and how the options selected affect the other areas of the Acumatica system. You’ll also gain the necessary skills to manage the project accounting features and define allocation and billing rules. And finally, you’ll discover how to implement a functional design and deploy the Project Accounting functionalities of the Project module.

Completion of the course grants you access to the P130 Employee Management and P200 Project Accounting Online Certification Exams—component of the Application Specialist Badge.*

Who Should Attend: Business consultants with experience working with main financial modules and who plan to implement Acumatica for project accounting processes for their customers.

*(Please Note: Examination time not included in training session time.)

Prerequisite Online Courses: F100 Financials: Basic

Speaker: Sasha Parenteau

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Sales Methodology

What’s Covered: In this two-day session, you’ll explore our Sales Onboarding content, as well as best practices and sales methodology for selling more Acumatica deals.

Prerequisite Online Courses: None

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

Pre-Sales Training and Workshop

What’s Covered: In this course, you’ll explore best practices for demo site preparation and discuss past successes and failures. Through hands-on preparation of short demonstration scenarios, instructors will describe the scenario, suggest a course of action, and show a solution, in some cases. Participants will then recreate and test the solution on their own demo site.

Who Should Attend: Consultants who want to learn how to successfully demonstrate Acumatica Cloud ERP software.

Prerequisite Online Courses: None


Douglas Johnson, Solution Consultant, Acumatica

Tom Costa, Senior Partner Enablement and Presales

Dates: Feb 3-5 (3 Days)

JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS) for Acumatica

What’s Covered: The JAMS for Acumatica course will be three days of training, providing hands-on experience. This training course will entail an overview of the manufacturing market and a product overview of the JAMS for Acumatica Manufacturing Suite. Basic software installation, integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP, and the setup and configuration of the JAMS for Acumatica Suite will be discussed.
Attendees will receive in-depth training on the Manufacturing Suite and will also gain knowledge into more detailed system management including, but not limited to, installation of software updates/upgrades and troubleshooting and the more advanced features of the JAMS for Acumatica Suite.
Upon completion of this course you will be granted access to the M100 JAMS for Acumatica Basic and M200 JAMS for Acumatica Advanced Online Exams, which is a component of the Application Specialist Badge.

Who Should Attend: Business consultants who have an interest in the manufacturing sector and desire to sell and implement into this specific vertical

Prerequisite: You must be an Acumatica VAR with an executed JAMS for Acumatica VAR License Agreement (can be executed on the first day of training) to attend this training class. You should be familiar with the Acumatica interface and basic system operation as well as a general understanding of the Acumatica Distribution Suite.

Speaker/Trainer: Stephen Hennelly and John Schlemmer

Dates: February 3-5 (3 days)

Ecommerce/Magento Sales and Integration Training

What’s Covered: This course will equip you to market Acumatica to potential customers in the Ecommerce/Distribution space. You will learn the science of Ecommerce, what matters to these customers, and be able to speak their language, especially the internet/marketing managers at these companies. You will be able to explain to customers the benefits of Acumatica-Magento solution over the competition, understand the challenges of Ecommerce merchandising, marketing, and setup.

You will also be trained on the implementation process, including the considerations to be made during the setup of Acumatica.

Who Should Attend: Business Consultants and Project Managers with experience in distribution and who plan to implement Acumatica for customers in the Ecommerce space.

Prerequisite: none

Speaker/Trainer: Rahul Gedupudi, PC Bennett/Kensium

Dates: February 3-5 (3 days)

MaxQ Advanced Revenue Management for Acumatica

What’s Covered:The MaxQ Advance Revenue Management (ARM) training course will be two days of training providing a hands-on experience. The training course will cover an overview of the market for subscription (repetitive billing) and payment processing along with a product overview of the ARM suite. Software implementation and Acumatica integration will be discussed. Setup, implementation, and configuration will be covered including many sample methods to solve common problems that can be used to help build and demonstrate a compelling solution for your customer and prospects. The in-depth training will review many advanced topics and provide a review of competitive solutions and how to complete against them.
Upon completion of this course, you will be granted access to the MaxQARM001 MaxQ Advanced Billing, MaxQARM002 MaxQ Advance Payments, and MaxQARM003 MaxQ ARM Analytics online exams.

Who Should Attend: Business consultants who have an interest in focusing on organizations that rely on subscription billing to run their businesses.

Prerequisite: You must be an Acumatica VAR and sign a MaxQ Authorized reseller agreement to attend this training class. You should have a working knowledge of Acumatica core and financial modules.

Speaker/Trainer: John J. Pavain, MaxQ

Dates: February 3-5 (3 days)


Advanced Logistics & Distribution

What’s Covered:The Advanced Logistics & Distribution course span three days and cover three modules which all enhances the standard Acumatica Distribution module:

Day 1-2

  • FusionWMS for Acumatica. Building on a general overview of Acumatica’s Distribution functionality in the context of modern warehouse requirements, this course features hands-on experience in the installation, configuration and use of both FusionWMS – Core and FusionWMS- Advanced. It will include a discussion of the functional gaps and how FusionWMS addresses those gaps as well as a review of how to determine whether Advanced is needed or if Core will suffice.
Day 3
  • Stock Item Enhancement Module (SIE) will be a one-half day of training and provide an overview of how SIE integrates directly into Acumatica distribution providing greatly enhanced sales and management capabilities by adding Configurable, Bundled, Grouped or Ensemble, Downloadable or Digital, and Virtual Products such as warranty or subscriptions.
  • The MaxQ Matrix Inventory training will be a one-half day of training providing a hands-on experience. The training course will cover an overview of the market along with a product overview of the Matrix Inventory module. Software implementation and Acumatica integration will be discussed. Setup, implementation, and configuration will be covered including many sample methods to solve common problems that can be used to help build and demonstrate a compelling solution for your customer and prospects. The in-depth training will review many advanced topics.

Who Should Attend: VAR/Reseller

Prerequisite Online Courses: Familiarity with Acumatica’s Distribution Suite as well as general concepts of inventory management. Partner should already have or be prepared to sign a separate reseller agreement with the ISVs.

Speaker/Trainer: Mike Gill, John Pavain and Rahul Redupudi

Dates: February 3-5 (3 days)


Philippe Bellefeuille
Developer Solutions Consultant, Acumatica

Philippe has been developing business solutions on the Acumatica Platform since its early versions. Having joined Acumatica recently, Philippe now assists developers with the VAR and ISV network, helping them troubleshoot any platform-specific hurdles that may arise to bring robust solutions to market. Philippe seizes the opportunities to address and resolve any needs and challenges that customers and partners may face. Prior to joining Acumatica, Philippe worked at NUBIS as the lead developer of their Canadian payroll solution which integrates with Acumatica.

Philippe received a Computer Science degree and also studied at HEC Montréal, receiving a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on IT and Management.

Sean Chatterjee
Vice President, Partner Sales Acumatica

Sean Chatterjee has more than 15 years of experience in the Business Applications space, but primarily in the ERP market for the SMB. Prior to Acumatica, Sean was the Director of Business Development at Altum, a consulting firm working with the Federal Government and Non Profits.

Before Altum, Sean was also part of the team at Sage North America as a National Account Manager and spent close to a decade at Everest Software, developer of a mid-market completely integrated ERP product. In his tenure at Everest, Sean worked in multiple roles – including being the lead Sales Consultant as well as the Director of the New Business Sales Team for North America.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Degree in Electronics, from University of Pune, India.

Dhiren Chhapgar
Senior Applications Developer, Acumatica

Dhiren has over 16 years of experience in software engineering, specializing in design, development and deployment of Windows and web-based systems. Dhiren is a distinguished professional with a proven track record as Technical Lead, Project Development, Architecture design, Framework design, Component modeling and building, release management and developer support. Past experience includes developing .NET based rich internet application client working with JMS-based message-driven SOA design and one of the core developer at Everest Software INC focusing on ERP product development and later product customizations. As Senior Applications Developer, Dhiren works on ERP development and also closely with partners on ERP customizations.

Dhiren holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Surat in India.

Mike Chtchelkonogov
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Acumatica

Mike has more than 15 years of experience in software project management, ERP software design and implementation. He was Director of Engineering for Parallels, the leading provider of desktop virtualization, OS containers, and control panel software. He was responsible for the development of Parallels Business Automation line of products. Prior to joining Parallels, Mike was the CTO of SWsoft consulting division, responsible for the implementation of custom ERP solutions and providing customer support.

Mike received a Master of Science degree (1996) in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Tom Costa
Senior Partner Enablement and Presales Specialist, Acumatica

Tom Costa is a business management software expert with more than 30 years of industry experience. He has worked for SAP, INFOR, SAGE and Great Plains Software, specializing in solutions for small to midsized enterprises. He continually works with partners to assist them in presenting solutions to their prospects.

Ruslan Devyatko
Technology Evangelist, Acumatica

Ruslan is a passionate evangelist and collaborator with over 7 years of experience designing and developing Desktop and Web Applications for enterprise business systems. Ruslan was also the founder and CTO of Innorage, a startup that specialized in the development of spreadsheet applications for small and mid-size businesses. Prior to Innorage, Ruslan was a project manager for AnswerPRO and was responsible for the development of a software product for the Russian government.

Ruslan graduated from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and also holds a Master of Science degree in System Analysis from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

Stephen Hennelly
Director of Professional Services, JAAS Systems

Stephen is responsible for managing the overall team of implementation, training and support services for JAAS Systems.

Stephen has over 6 years of experience in ERP professional services. He brings expertise in the areas of finance, distribution, manufacturing and product configuration. Stephen excels in providing customers with high quality project management; including training, implementation and support services. He has logged thousands of hours implementing ERP systems and then supporting those systems to high customer standards.

Stephen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems from Ohio University.

Rahul Gedupudi
PCBennet Solutions

Rahul is an entrepreneurial innovator with over 10 years of experience in helping customers in areas of eCommerce, Internet Marketing, and ERP integrations. Having been a consultant, business owner, and a technical architect for startups as well as major companies, he understands how businesses operate, and has skills to focus on nearly every aspect of the ecommerce universe. A talented information technologist with a gift for translating ideas into technological reality, He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University, India. Rahul has over 15 years of IT development and Project/Program Management experience in various industries.

Michelle Gruening
Director, Partner Marketing, Acumatica

Michelle has spent her entire career in the high-tech industry, specifically in the areas of marketing, communications and events. Before joining Acumatica, Michelle was responsible for Product Launch Campaigns for Microsoft where she spent ten years. Her expertise ranges from creative solutions, to large-scale marketing campaigns, to managing breadth and depth events.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Washington State University.

Ali Jani
Vice President, Product Management and Services, Acumatica

Ali has 20 years of experience in software industry and a successful track record as a high-tech entrepreneur with multiple successful start-ups. In 2001, Ali founded Everest Software and pioneered the first all-in-one ERP solution for multi-channel small and medium businesses.

As founder and VP of Product Management at Everest Software, he was responsible for products and the business direction of the company prior to its successful sale to Versata Software in 2009. Before Everest, Ali founded Accel Inc, a white-box PC Manufacturer; and iCode Inc, an ERP Software Company. ERP solutions built by Ali at iCode provided Accel a scalable solution enabling rapid growth and sale of the $35-million company in 1994.

He graduated from Virginia Tech with two bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Doug Johnson
Solution Consultant, Acumatica

In this role, Doug Johnson is in charge of showing people what makes Acumatica’s Cloud ERP software awesome for our customers and partners. As the first US-based employee, Doug has unique insights into the progression of Acumatica from stealth-mode company to ERP powerhouse.

Prior to joining Acumatica Doug was Vice President of Marketing at Parallels, where he focused on the delivery of billing and automation software in a service model through hosing partners. Before that he worked at GigaMedia Access Corporation at the VP of Marketing where he lead a team to deliver enterprise security software based on digital rights management technology.

In addition to software, Doug has vast expertise in telecommunications from employment at AT&T, Teleglobe, and The Global TeleXchange.

Mr. Johnson holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Duke University and a master of business administration degree from New York University.

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy
Cloud xRP Division, Acumatica

Ajoy has over 15-plus years of experience in the industry in technical, marketing and leadership roles. For the last 10 years, Ajoy has been at Microsoft driving business success across a wide range of product management and marketing roles, including most recently serving as Director for OEM Segment Marketing where he and his team were responsible for the go-to-market strategy across commercial and consumer audiences. In a prior role, Ajoy was part of the product management and product marketing team in Microsoft Developer Tools division.

Ajoy has co-authored half a dozen books on various MS technologies including ASP.NET and Visual Studio. Previous to working at Microsoft, Ajoy spent five years in enterprise technology consulting. Ajoy has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from MS University in India, Masters in Computer Science from BITS, India, and also earned his MBA from The Ohio State University.

Todd Kuhns
Director Support and Services, Acumatica

Todd has over 14 years of ERP Consulting experience. Over the past 14 years, has worked with several ERP systems (Dynamics SL, Dynamics GP and Deltek) supporting Project Accounting, Distribution, CRM, and Manufacturing. Todd has an extensive consulting background participating in all phases of Implementation Life cycles including Project Management, Process Design, Customer Support, Application Development, Training and Data Conversions.

Todd holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Wright State University and inactive PMI Certification.

Christian Lindberg
Vice President, Partner Solutions, Acumatica

Christian has more than 20 years of experience with business solution software, selling to and supporting customers and partners developing solutions. Prior to joining Acumatica, Christian was responsible for Solution Sales and Marketing Strategy at Microsoft, within the Microsoft Dynamics Partner team, and was the owner of the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) program and the Dynamics Marketplace.

In particular, he focused on partners either building or selling packaged IP products and vertical solutions. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Gabriel Michaud
Director Product Management, Acumatica

I have been into computers since I was born. It’s been said that I was born with a keyboard in my hands — I taught myself programming at the age of 10. Raised in Quebec City, Canada, I launched my first company at the age of 16, designing EZ Fence, an innovative business solution for the fence industry. In 2000, I joined Dynacom, developing the first entry-level accounting solution with full customization capability, and was quickly promoted from developer to Director of Development. From 2006 to 2013, I ran my own consulting business, pioneering cloud ERP by bringing Acumatica to Canada, localizing it and launching an integrated Canadian payroll solution,

These day, my focus is fully on Acumatica, where I manage the product line life cycle, collaborating with our employees, partners and key stakeholders to understand and communicate product direction and business requirements. My goal is to drive innovation and to take the cloud ERP experience to the next level.

Nayan Mansinha

Mr. Mansinha has over 15 years of experience in IT related to business application development and professional services. Distinguished professional with a proven track record as Project Lead, Project Development, Architecture design, Framework design and Component modeling and building. Past experience includes developing custom modules in Dynamics SL at Lee Technologies, (now part of Schneider Electric) industry’s most trusted and respected data center solutions provider, one of the core developer at Everest Software focusing on ERP product development and later product customizations, and served as Senior Faculty member at National Institute of Information Technology, Panjim Goa. He holds Associate degree in field of Computer Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology, Pune, India. He is also MCITP in Installation & Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics® SL.

Fred Moore
Professional speaker and entertainer

Fred Moore has been a professional speaker and entertainer for the past 25 years. His dynamic and interactive programs have “wowed” audiences all over the country and the world.

Having traveled the world to over 30 countries he has performed his greatest trick to date…to be able to make a living as a speaker and entertainer!

As a self-employed entrepreneur he’s had to keep himself motivated and focused on what he wants to get out of life. He will bring his tried and true techniques to get you to your goals. These are not just theories that someone thinks might work, these are practical, real-world tools that anybody can use to get what they want.

Making a living as an entertainer is not an easy thing to do and because of that Fred has learned a few things about; goal setting, keeping yourself motivated, personal development and creating a positive mind-set.

Mixing his humor and magic with the hard-learned life lessons combined with his improvisational skills he creates a custom one-of-a -kind experience that not only entertains but inspires!

Anand Panchamia
Implementation Consultant, Acumatica

Anand works on the support and implementation services team at Acumatica. With over 10 years of experience in the mid-sized enterprises, Anand has successfully spear headed several projects and helped numerous customers through their Go Lives.

Prior to joining Acumatica, Anand wore multiple hats in the customer operations division at Everest Software Inc., a product based ERP company. He was also instrumental in implementing iSeries based Manhattan’s Warehouse Management System for Feld Entertainment’s distribution center.

Anand holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai, India.

Sasha Parenteau
ERP Solutions Consultant, Acumatica

Sasha Parenteau has over 10 years of ERP Consulting experience. Over the past 10 years, she has worked with several ERP systems (Deltek, Epicor) that support Project Accounting, CRM, Supply Chains and Manufacturing. She has an extensive consulting background where she has participated in all phases of Implementation Life cycles including Project Management, Process Design, Customer/Partner support, Training and Data Conversions.

She holds a Bachelors from California State University Fullerton and is working on her MBA in Information Technology at the University of LaVerne.

Ray Rebello
Director of Product Marketing, Acumatica

With over 20 years of experience in marketing ERP and CRM, his professional experience includes leadership roles in sales, product marketing, marketing communications, product management, professional services, and software development. Prior to joining Acumatica he was VP of Marketing at a large Microsoft Dynamics VAR. Ray’s Microsoft experience includes US Industry Marketing Manager for Dynamics. He worked in both start-ups and larger organizations, including over seven years with J.D. Edwards & Company (JDE) and ten years with IBM. Ray has a M.S. in Engineering Management and a P.E. license in two states.

Tim Rodman
ERP Solutions Consultant, Acumatica

Tim Rodman began his career as a financial auditor at Deloitte and Touche in Los Angeles. In 2005 he switched gears, entered the world of ERP and never looked back. Prior to joining Acumatica, Tim worked with the Sage 500 and Dynamics GP ERP packages, first as a consultant for a nationally recognized mid-market ERP consulting firm and then as an analyst managing the Sage 500 ERP system for a global manufacturing company.

Tim's greatest passion within ERP is reporting and business intelligence. Tim understands the immense power of data for businesses and is a huge advocate on "data driven" decision-making. While people are the real intelligence when it comes to "business intelligence", they still need to rely on the right information at their fingertips in order to make informed decisions.

Tim graduated from UCLA with a degree in Applied Mathematics.

Jon Roskill
Chief Executive Officer, Acumatica

Jon has 25 years of leadership experience in the software business. He joins Acumatica after a 20-year career at Microsoft where he led efforts in many areas including product development for developer tools, as well as the business operations, strategy, and marketing for all of Microsoft US. Jon’s most recent role was Corporate Vice President for the Worldwide Partner Group where he led a global sales and marketing team of more than 5,000 employees and Microsoft’s 640,000 partners.

Jon has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Engineering, from University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and an MBA from Boston University.

Anita Ruggier
Senior Technical Services Manager, Acumatica

Anita joined Acumatica in 2010 and has been working in the software industry for over 16 years. She has extensive experience in business, accounting and software implementation. And in more recent years, Anita has been involved in project management where she implemented and trained clients of all sizes on new ERP software packages. Anita also taught at Oracle University and has held titles such as CFO and Controller and has owned several businesses.

Anita graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Accounting.

John Schlemmer
Chief Product Officer, JAAS Systems

John is responsible for the overall strategic direction and vision of JAAS Systems; as well as leading the product development, professional services, marketing, channel and direct sales departments.

John has over 30 years of experience in the sales, marketing, and services of Manufacturing ERP and Supply Chain Execution software; marketing these technology products and services to high-growth, emerging, mature and competitive enterprises. His specialty is in building and managing sales and services organizations; both direct and through channel organizations. He has held leadership roles for a variety of software companies which has given him both industry expertise as well as extensive knowledge of available solutions in the marketplace.

Kathy Visser-May
Chief Marketing Officer, Acumatica

Kathy joins us from Microsoft, where she spent the last 10 years, most recently as the Senior Director of Global IT Professional Strategy, driving all aspects of brand, marketing, storytelling and evangelism for the technical audience business. Previously, she led the Marketing Engines and Analytics team for the US Central Marketing Organization where she was responsible for the marketing strategy and execution across all commercial product offerings. She has held leadership positions at PeopleSoft Corporation and Huber Marketing Group.

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The full event runs Monday, Feb. 1, 2016 – Friday, Feb. 5, 2016.

The first two days are dedicated to Keynotes, General Sessions and Product, Marketing, Sales and Customer breakouts. The final three days are dedicated to technical training across the Acumatica product suites. For full details, view the Agenda here.

If you are attending just the Summit portion (Feb., 1-2) we recommend that you arrive in Orlando on Sunday, January 31, to attend the evening Welcome Mixer and be fresh for the Day One Keynote starting at 8:30 am on Mon. Feb. 1.

If you are just attending the Technical Training portion (Feb., 3-5) we recommend that you arrive on Tuesday, Feb. 2 late afternoon or early evening as training starts on Wednesday, Feb. 3, at 8:00am.

For full details, view the Agenda here.

Of course, while you will be busy during the week days, Orlando and the surrounding area, boasts a host of family-centric activities. Walt Disney World, Universal Theme Park, Epcot Center and the Kennedy Space Center are all in the immediate or very near vicinity. For additional activities, visit the Venue page.

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Yes! You may extend your stay at the discounted rate for up to three days prior or post event if you plan to spend some time exploring Orlando.

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